Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend of Fun

I swear when I posted earlier this month, I would be blogging some more I meant it. I have started this post about 5 times but keep getting side tracked with something else. Earlier this month, we went to the annual Camp Bacon event. This started when Stephen was back in college with him and a group of friends going out and having a great time and has turned into a yearly tradition as everyone has got older. For the past 5 years, we have been lucky enough to get to hold it at Shannon's parents property. It is about an hour out of KC. It has a basketball court, firepit, working restrooms, and tons of space to put up your tent (or camper in the Anderson's case). Every year this even becomes more and more family friendly. This year we added the first official camp bacon baby to the group. We have other kids that have been off and on this year and in the past but this baby belongs to the founder and is therefore the first baby member. One of these years the kids might outnumber the adults...oh what a scary thought. Now for the fun part, pictures...

Obligatory Group Photo
The Food:
The Kids:
The Dogs (due to weather issues, some of the dogs skipped this year):
If you would like to view still more pictures, they can be found at Camp Bacon 2011 Pics.   I would like to thank Brian and Courtney for letting me "borrow" some of the above photos.  For some reason, this year I took a lot of kid pics and not a lot of anything else.

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