Monday, September 5, 2011

The Nursery

Deciding where to put the nursery in our house consisted of a lot of debate.  We had a guest bedroom and a pet room, both of which were viable options. We decided to go with the pet room but that meant a lot of work as the 2 dogs have lived in it while we are at work for the past 6 years.  This included when Kali was a puppy and at her most destructive.  We have always just closed off that room when guests came over so it was in worse shaped then I realized.

Here are the before pictures (remember this room was solely for the dogs):


With the issues that arrived at 25weeks at the possibility our kid could come a lot sooner than expected, we had to kick it into high gear and make a lot of decision really quickly.  At the time, I wasn't sold on the color but looking at it done, I am glad we did it that way.  Due to the fact that I was on modified bed rest, Stephen's mom came over to help.  We really appreciate it because I am not sure it would have got done when it did without it. Here are some progress pictures: 


Putting this post together, it looks like I only took pictures of the painting.  We also had to replace the wall vent (it was very old and unsafe), change out electric plates, replace the light with a new fan, assemble furniture, and buy the last few things we needed (such as the rocker/glider - which is a very important item I have been told). Thankfully, Rob and Annmarie (my brother and his wife) were in town for a couple of days at the end of July and were able to help Stephen with the harder tasks (such as installing the new fan and assembling the dresser).  Once these things got done, everything seemed to start coming together.  (side note - I have to thank my mom for pitching in with a lot of the final touches, such as the closet shelf.  Not to mention, she got us the dresser as a baby gift.)  Early in August, we found a good deal on a rocker and it was the last piece to the room. Here is what you all have been waiting for, the complete nursery pictures:

Now the room just sits empty, waiting for the little one to come.  I have now safely made it to 37 weeks and the baby will no longer be considered a preemie.  This was a huge step and now I am just ready to meet him or her.  Hopefully, you will be seeing a new post sooner rather than later, introducing you to our newest family member.

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