Friday, September 23, 2011

Alexander Jon Pottebaum is here!

On Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 5:59 AM, we were lucky enough to welcome our son Alexander Jon.  He was 7 pounds 12.6 oz and 19.5″ inches long.

With all the difficulty of the pregnancy, I was expecting a long and painful labor.  But I was lucky and had a relatively easy labor (or as easy as labor can be).  In fact everything went so smoothly and we were both doing well enough that we were able to come home from the hospital on Monday.  Once everything slows down and I find time, I plan on writing and posting my birth story.

Since we have been home, we are getting used to parenthood.  It is definitely an adventure but one we love and wouldn't change (including the sleepless nights of which we have had plenty).   The 5 days have flown by, we have had friends and/or family come by to visit and meet little man.  We have loved introducing him to everyone.  We are looking forward to the next week and half of spending time together as a family of three (we are lucky and Stephen was able to stay home for 2 weeks and then just work part time for a third).

Now it's time for the important part of this post, pictures!


That's all for now but hopefully I will be able to find time to come back soon and post something (even if it's just some more pictures).Thank you all for the well wishes during all my pregnancy.  I hope to be more regular now with posting to keep everyone up to our going on’s.

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