Friday, October 28, 2011

One Month Old

Before I start a quick note.  I am going to try and do monthly updates on him and for the first couple of months will be trying different styles.  This month I am going to do a recap and sprinkle pictures throughout.

Has it really been just a month (well really a month and week) since Alexander came into this world.  It's amazing how much your life can change it such a little time.  All pregnancy long my doctor told me that difficult pregnancy equals easy babies and I guess she was right because overall we have a great baby.  He really doesn't cry just to cry, if he's crying he is needing to eat or needing changed.  Multiple people of commented on it and we consider ourselves lucky.  (Cross our fingers I didn't jinx us and this continues).  He is also a very alert baby and loves to have his eyes open (except when Grandma Elaine comes around, I think he likes playing tricks on her).


This past month we did have a health adventure.  The first week or so he battled weight issues.  This meant multiple visits to the doctor for weight checks but after two weeks we were able to solve the problem and he has been gaining weight steadily ever since.  The solution was to stop breast feeding and strictly feed formula.  I will admit this was hard on me at first but it really has been the best decision for not only him but all of us.  I look back now and wish I hadn't been so torn up about it.  A nice side effect of this is that we have gone from 2-3 hours sleeping to 4-4 1/2 hour spans.  (yes part of this is being a little older but part of it is formula sticks with babies longer).

All month long Alexander has had a ton of visitors.  He has met a lot of family and some of his future life long friends (he just doesn't realize it yet).  He has taken trips around town to meet family and even went up to mom and dad's work to meet their co-workers.


At the end of the month, we took a whirlwind trip to Tulsa.   My mom and Annmarie (sister-in law) hosted a post-baby baby shower while we were there.  They weren't able to during the pregnancy because I wasn't able to travel from 25 weeks on.  A ton of people came and we were blessed with a lot of nice things.  I am guessing getting to meet the little man helped the turn-out.  While in Tulsa, Alexander got to meet both his Grandpa's and some more of his Aunts and Uncles.


On Monday, he had his one month checkup.  The doctor was out of the office the week before so it was really a one month 6 day checkup.  The doctor said everything looked good and his weight was great.  His stats were 9 lbs 14 oz, 21.5" in length, and 15" head circumference.  This put his in the 50% across the board.


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