Monday, December 12, 2011

Two Months Old

Well since he's almost three months, I figure it is past time I do this post.  I swear I am going to be better about this.

The month started off the same as the last one ended with a happy and healthy baby (and it ended that way as well).  We had gotten into a routine of getting up every 3 hours to eat.   He definitely has his dad's metabolism because by the end of two months, he could put away 6 ounces of formula every feeding and is still not a chubby baby. Most of the month, we just did the same routine and stayed home and enjoyed our time together (mom knew she would be going back to work before the end and wanted to enjoy some time just her and him).


However, we did get to do a couple of firsts this month.   He experienced his first campfire.  Our neighbors (and friends) had a small camp fire in their yard and it was still nice weather so we decided to join.  The kids played (well Alexander hung out in his rock and play) and the parents enjoyed some nice conversation.


At the end of October, Alexander got to celebrate his first Halloween.  Now being that at the time he still couldn't hold his head very well this wasn't as much fun as I am sure future Halloween's will be.  On Halloween, he wore his Chiefs gear and spent the night at Grandma Elaine's while mom and dad went to a Chiefs game (don't worry even at a such a young age he knows where his loyalties lie).  He did get to dress up for a little bit earlier in the day if only to get his picture taken.


Towards the end of the month, he got to experience his second campfire when the neighbors had a Dutch Oven Cook Fest.  (He is going to be a pro at this campfire thing when Camp Bacon rolls around this summer)  Hopefully in the future, he will get to do more than just hang out in his rock and play or be fed by Izzy (the neighbor's adorable little girl).

Unfortunately during this month, mom's time at home ended but when she went back to work Alexander got to spend a week with dad and they did some father/son bonding. Including apparently learning some useful tools for future employment.

At the end of the month, we had our two month checkup.  This meant that it was shot time.  He did really well and only cried right after the needle went in and stopped as soon as we picked him up.  He was tired and a little clingy for the rest of the day but never really showed in bad symptoms or was too upset about the whole experience. He was again average on his stats as he was in the 50% on both weight and length again.   His official measurements are 11 lbs 4 ounces, 21.75" in length, and 15.25" head circumference.


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