Thursday, February 9, 2012

Four Months Old

I think AJ's fourth month might have been his busiest yet so get ready, this is a long post. 

There were Holidays, Holidays, Holidays galore.  We had Christmas at home, Christmas at Grandma Elaine's, Christmas at Great Grandma's, and Christmas in Tulsa.  He also got to celebrate his first New Year (thankfully he crashed way before midnight).  He also got to meet some new relatives over the holidays including his Uncle Brian and Aunt Rebecca (they are both in the Army and stationed in Hawaii but were home on R&R before being deployed over seas). AJ got to make his first trip to meet Santa.  We went to Bass Pro (they are free – I was surprised how expensive some places are).  He actually did really well, the photographer even commented that it looked like he was watching Santa in amazement.  For Christmas Eve he spent the day at Grandma Elaine’s while mom, dad, Aunt Rebecca, and Uncle Brian all went to the Chief’s game.  Even though the outcome was not what we wanted, fun was had by all.  We then did Christmas Eve at Grandma Elaine’s.
I had decided before AJ was even born that we would start a tradition of doing Christmas morning at our house just us.  Since, he really doesn’t get presents or Holidays it was a pretty quick experience.  But he did get a stocking full of goodies and we made sure to take a family picture.
Christmas day we went up to Great Grandma Klamm’s.  There was a lot of family there (some of which he met for the first time).  He got passed around a lot and took pictures with a lot of the family.  He also found that Great Grandma has some pretty cool toys at Christmas time (in particular he was enthralled with the gingerbread house).  He also got spoiled again and Uncle Leonard even got him his own little motorcycle toy (every male on this side of the family has a motorcycle, I guess they wanted to make sure he started off right).
AJ was very tired after all the events of the day but I did manage to take a picture of him and all his loot from the three KC family Christmas’s.  Even looking back now, I am amazed how blessed he was with gifts.  He really is loved (and maybe a bit spoiled).  I like to think in this picture he was screaming in excitement but in reality he was over pictures and ready for bed.
The end of January brought New Year’s Eve.  We all dressed up in a nice outfit and headed next door to ring in 2012 with good friends.  It was a nice night, so it meant another camp fire.  The adults all had a good time that lasted in to the early hours.  The little ones were cooperative and went to bed on time and with little fuss.
The next week brought a trip to Tulsa and Christmas with all the family there. As always the trip to Tulsa was a whirlwind of family.   There was a day with Grandpa Greg, G-ma Susan, Aunt Claire, Aunt Grace, and Aunt Kate; a day with Grandma Ann, Great Grandmother, Aunt Annmarie, and Uncle Rob; and a visit to Grandpa Bob.
At Grandpa Greg’s
At Grandma Ann’s
Here is a picture of him and all his loot he got in Tulsa.  (He was really distracted by the fish and there was no getting him to look at the camera)
He finished off the month with a checkup at the doctor.  It was shot time again but he did pretty well.  We got the go ahead for solids so you can look forward to hearing about that adventure next month.

He stuck with his 50% and his stats are Weight: 14 lbs 11 oz, Length: 25 inches, and Head Size:16.25 inches.  Here are his customary monthly shots.


  1. Yay for updates! I love seeing all of AJ's pictures. You guys did a lot of holiday celebrating. Looks like AJ was spoiled rotten- as it should be!