Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Three Months Old

Another month has passed and at times it seems like he is older than 3 months but at other it seems like the time has flown by. 

This past month has been full of adventures with a few firsts thrown in for fun. It started with a visit from the Anderson's.  Jack and AJ seemed a little more interested in each other (well mainly Jack).  However, I am sure by this time next year they will be feeding off each others energy and driving their parents insane.
 AJ also got to experience his first Thanksgiving.  We had a low key event at our house with just us and Grandma Elaine.   Since he still just gets a bottle to him it was really just another day.  I did put him in his high chair at the table for the dinner (which also was a first) but he just mostly slept.
 Mom and dad's birthday also fell this past month.  Grandma Ann came up to spend some time with him.  I failed to get any pictures because I was sick and then made everyone else except AJ sick.  I am guessing this was just the beginning of  all the illnesses being brought home from daycare. We got our first laugh this month and our first couple of roll overs.  But AJ is Mr Difficult and I have yet to be able to catch any of this on video.  Hopefully he will begin doing it with more regularity this next month and I can capture it to share.  The laugh really is adorable and definitely makes you smile.


We had what has become a monthly tradition of a camp fire in the neighbors front yard.  This time was more chilly so we got to break out the snow suit.  The Prewitt's captured one of my favorite AJ pictures ever while we were over there.

Towards the end of month 3, we got to spend some time with the Reardon's.  They have a son who is just a week younger than AJ.  If these boys are anything like their dads were, I have a feeling we are in for some trouble.   Thankfully for us, right now they just sit and lay around together.  While over their visiting we had our first (and so far only) back to stomach roll over.

This month our hair was finally long enough for dad to make a mohawk of it while AJ was getting a bath.  I am glad he has a full head of hair but do wonder what other hair styles his dad will come up with as he gets older.

We didn't have any doctor's appointment this month but did weigh him on the scale at home around 3 months.  He was 12 lbs 4 ounces.  I will leave you with his 3 month shots (it is amazing how much he is growing).


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