Thursday, March 1, 2012

Five Months Old

This post is late, sadly that seems to be the norm lately.  There was definitely a reason but you will have to keep reading to find out. 

As I mentioned in the previous post, we had been given permission to start solids.  We started with rice cereal.  At first, he wasn't quite sure what we were doing to him but then he was in to it and wanted more.  He ended up eating about 3 tablespoons that first time (or sort of eating, as some of it graced his face, his hands, and his bib).


We did an entire week of rice cereal to make sure he was tolerating it well and then moved on to fruits and vegetables.  So far he has had carrots, green beans, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, and pears.  He likes them all and it is a toss up to which is his favorite.  He seems to eat the apples and sweet potatoes faster.  But since he will eat an entire container (2.5 ounces) in one sitting of all types, it is a safe pet to say he likes food.  Here are some different pictures of our solid eating adventures and even a video for you to watch if you want (warning for the non grandparents reading this, the video is just him eating which is nothing exciting).


This month, he got to "watch" the Super Bowl.  We went to our friend's the Anderson's and he got to hang out with Jack, one of these days those boys are going to cause a lot of trouble together, but for now, they just shared a High Chair and stared at each other.  He also watched some basketball this month and there is no doubt he is a sports fan.  He will even watch Sports Center with his dad on Saturday morning instead of cartoons.  Here are some pictures of him dressed in his basketball watching gear, watching Sports Center, and even watching the Super Bowl (your going to have to take my word for it but I promise in both of these pictures what he was looking at was sports on TV).

Along with a love of sports, his love of animals is coming out.  He has started reaching out and "petting" (in reality its more fur grabbing) the dogs.  But most of all he LOVES the fish.  He can spend an hour (and I am not exaggerating here) watching them.  He will sit back in the chair and watch them from afar or lean again the arm and turn his head side to side following them around.  Our Parents as Teachers lady pointed out this is a good way for him to get in his tracking.  (Side Note: We had our first session this month with the PAT.  It was mostly just a get to know you session.  She thought he was developing right on track.  It will be interesting next time to see her view of his progress and changes.)


The last week of his fifth month, was an adventure on it's own.  It started with a visit to the Reardon's, where he was very fussy and just wanted to be held (this should have been our first sign but he was showing signs of teething so we all chalked it up to that).  That Monday, Kansas City had it's first snow incident of the year, which closed down local schools, which meant no day care for AJ.  We spend most of the day just lounging around, he had some bonding time with the dogs.  The next day was Valentine's Day so he got dressed up in his outfit and mom forced her to Valentine's to pose for a picture.  We spent that evening at home spending time as a family.  The next day, we got a call from daycare that he was running a slight temp.  We picked him up and off to the doctor's office we went.  Turns out it wasn't teething that had him crazy the weekend before but his very first ear infection.  He got started right away on his antibiotics but was definitely a cranky unhappy baby for the rest of the week.  There was a lot of holding, rocking, and propping up.


He battled his ear infection for awhile and we had 5 days of extreme grumpiness.  Even after he was less grumpy, he didn't want to lay flat which meant his 5 month pictures were delayed (and hence this blog being delayed).  He has finally started feeling better and at 5 months and 8 days, I finally got the shots.  Due to the illness and our being focused on that, there was no weighing at home and no stats for 5 months.


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