Sunday, April 29, 2012

Six Months Old

Well since in less than a week he will be seven months, I figure I better do this post (I thought about skipping it but figure I will want to look back in the future and see what he did/where he was at).  I don’t know if it is harder to believe he’s six months or that he is only six months.
*As you can tell this is even later then when I originally wrote it.  I misplaced his stats and waited until I could find them.  Now you get this one and in the next week you will get the late 7 month post.  Maybe by a year, I will get these up on time.  :-)

This month started with him recovering from his cold and ear infection.  I think it might have been harder on mom and dad then it was on him. But after about a week, he seemed to be better.  One of the things we did once he was feeling better was go to our favorite local Mexican restaurant with our neighbors.  We were hoping to get in one last dinner before they had their newest baby (spoiler: their beautiful daughter Lily was born March 11).  Izzy (their daughter) practiced a little with AJ on what to do with a baby.

The next couple of weeks were routine.  We just stayed around the house but AJ did learn a new skill.  His dad has been working on him since birth and he finally got the hang of it.  He is able to hold his bottle himself.  He even can manage to yank it out and put it back in when he wants a break.

At the first of March, we were able to go and spend some time with the Anderson’s.  AJ got to test out Jack’s jumper and it was definitely a hit.  He also got to watch Jack walk and eat.  Hopefully he picked up some tips so he can do them himself soon.  They still aren’t quite interested in each other and playing yet but I am sure they will be there before we know it.

The rest of the month was spent enjoying time at home.  We have had surprisingly nice weather which meant we got to spend some time outside as well.  Towards the end of the month, AJ decided he was ready for another first and is starting to sit.  He was still a little tipsy but he seems to be getting the hang of it (I would even wager by next months post he will have it mastered Winking smile).

This month meant another trip to the doctor and more shots.  He seemed to do okay with them.  He was drinking a bottle when he got them and pulled it out and cried a little when he got them but as soon as the needle was out (and even before I picked him up) he stuck the bottle back in and was fine.

For the first time he wasn’t 50% in both weight and height.  His stats this month are Weight:  17 lbs .8 oz (50%), Length: 25 3/4 inches (25%), and Head Size: 17 inches.  The doctor thinks the height change just means we got there before his next growth spurt.  Unfortunately while there we discovered he had the start of an ear infection (or the end of the previous one we couldn’t’ tell for sure since he never showed any signs).  So he is back on a new antibiotic.  But in the good news department, we were told to move him to two meals a day of just solids.  And now we end the post as always with his monthly shots.

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