Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween


Although it has been a ghost town around this blog, we are alive.  I hope to start blogging more regularly and even get caught up on the past 6 months. (I know I have said this before)

In the meantime, I could not rob the world of AJ in his Halloween costume cuteness.  We have two costumes this year.  A good friend picked up the lion one at a local JBF because I was unable to make it and then I found a bear one at another sale. I thought they were both adorable so he has been sporting them both.

The bear was worn in Tulsa to early Trick or Treat with Grandma Ann and Great Grandmother.

69178_3972977330053_18510181_n 22794_3972977690062_1458395879_n 156679_3972977050046_1228940801_n

The lion was worn this weekend visiting Grandma Elaine and then again to visit Great Aunt Twyla and Great Grandma.  (Sadly, I have no pictures of any of them with him in his costume.)

photo(4)  photo(5)

And just in case you are curious as to what will be worn on Halloween, both will be.  The bear is being worn at daycare for their trick or treating at the retirement home and the lion will be worn at the neighbors bonfire.

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