Thursday, December 13, 2012


I wasn’t sure if I was going to right anything about this but have found it to be helpful.  Warning (especially you mom), this could be a tissue needed post.  It definitely was for me when I wrote it.

Before Thanksgiving, my Grandmother passed away.  She was an amazing woman who I can’t begin to describe what meant to our family and specifically me.  She was 99 and what an amazing 99 years it had been.  Up until her stroke this summer (right before her 99th birthday), she had been full of life and more active than I was at times.  In fact, she was having her weekly card game right before it happened.

She was the person who taught me the “proper” way to do things.  Taught me to love the color red (even if I forgot for awhile).  Taught me that shopping can cure anything and how to economically do it at that. Most importantly, she taught me that no matter what happens, family will always be there for you.

99 years is more than most people get on this earth.  But thanks to her getting them, she got to be a Great-Grandmother to AJ (if even for a short time).  The fact that he got to spend time with her and she got to know her “little man” is something I will always treasure.  I am honored that I was able to give her the opportunity to feel that roll.  Sadly, he won’t remember knowing her.  But I have a ton of pictures to show him and it is with honor, I will make sure he is reminded of the woman who shaped his family into what it is.  

img_0573  img_0670  156679_3972977050046_1228940801_n

One of my favorite pictures ever, was taken of her and I at my wedding. You can see pure joy and love and this is how I will always remember her.


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